Recommended by Blood Craft

Blood Craft
Well okay let's go. Don't expect a long recommendation it's amazing but a short recommendation is fabulous, I'm not the biggest fan of Minecraft I played it a few times but never enough. Well, I'm recommending it simply because I don't like the fic. But because I LOVE it. Honestly , has already made me laugh, more laughs than most scripts I've read. Or with stupid Steve, or with Serial Killer Jacobs, or with smart Isabella.
"PEEK," "PIQUE," and "PEAK"

"Peek" means a quick look. "Pique" means to provoke or arouse. "Peak" refers to the highest point. Ex.: Let's take a peek at the menu. Her curiosity was piqued. We reached the mountain peak at noon.


"Breathe" means to inhale and exhale. "Breath" refers to a single inhalation or exhalation. Ex.: Remember to breathe deeply and relax. She took a deep breath before diving.

Recommended by TheeusCamargo

I highly recommend it man, you can do up to season 4 or whatever, but it was very epic, I really like Minecraft, and I think the series is really cool, I've only read 2 episodes so far, and I'm convinced that it's really good, man You can always count on me, seriously, kisses success...