Recommended by Miaka

One of the best Magi fics I've ever read! The author's evolution during the development of the story is fantastic and, although it starts off amazing, it gets better and better, at a wonderful pace! If I hadn't followed the publication and it was complete when I read it, I probably would have read it all at once! With fluid and well-defined writing, succinct and with due importance to the most relevant points, the story is extremely dynamic and manages to balance something that I greatly admire, which is the interaction between the OCs and the characters from the original work. The way everyone was inserted and the way you become attached to the original characters is fantastic, in addition to having perfect timing with the moment in the manga. I hope this is just one of countless stories I want to read by Kondo Isao! If you want to read an AMAZING fic, read Returning to Life.

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The sauce complements the dish perfectly. She complimented him on his presentation.


"Weather" refers to the atmospheric conditions. "Whether" is used to introduce alternatives or choices. Ex.: The weather is perfect for a picnic. I'm not sure whether to wear a jacket or not.

Recommended by Jacob

Sure, I don't watch Magi, but in the same way, I didn't watch Tsubasa Reservoir at the time I read "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Rainy Day" and that didn't stop me in the slightest from being fascinated by Fay's dramas and her relationship with Kurogane. In fact, stories like this give us a little of the gold of the original on which it was based and make us want to read it, due to the fact that it perfectly and with such simplicity explores a varied range of the character's feelings, making him similar to us, making us more than empathetic: we literally immerse ourselves in Judal. nI don't know if the fact that I'm currently turning more towards manga (and "writing" in the manga format), but the aesthetics of the text constantly gave me the feeling that I was, yes, in more a chapter of Magi, where each scene, even if small, is meticulously paused at an angle in order to cause impact and where the character's thoughts are given to us through black frames, further highlighting the way he feels, giving you time to think about how everything happening around you is affecting you. n"Invidia" is a story about envy in all senses and sides; a feeling shared by its protagonist, who longs for love, and by readers, who one day long for the writer's ability to fascinate.