Recommended by Sexual Harassment Panda

Sexual Harassment Panda
Kamigami no Asobi is one of those animes that stays in the heart and memory, and this fanfic is one of the proofs that the universe is right. Despite being a single chapter, the plot is mysterious and delightful, the characters captivate even the cruelest soul without, of course, straying from the canon. The feelings described are so raw that they make the heart race. Well, do you like yaoi? Do you like exciting narratives? Do you like extremely well-written stories that take your last breath away? Then this fic is for you.
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It's simply a Masterpiece of my Shipp! It satisfies your curiosity and the writing is well-crafted! I simply loved it, as a reverse Harem lover, I never see the Main Character with one of them....I fell between us, there's always that ship with the Protagonist that the People love it! That was my case with the fanfic...It was well written and allowed me to imagine exactly what it would be like. Something new, something beautiful, something well written. I really don't know how to express myself