Recommended by Kian SomerGraham

Kian SomerGraham
Well here I am to recommend this wonderfully beautiful story! The author has an impressive talent because with each chapter we read of this story we are left wanting more... There are wonderful couples like Bamon, klaroline, stelena among others that I'm sure if you are a fan of these couples you will love reading this fic... A totally engaging, spectacular, fascinating, beautiful story that makes us fall in love every time we read it so read, comment and recommend it... kisses!! xoxo
"LOSE" and "LOOSE"

"Lose" means to fail to win or misplace. "Loose" means not tight or free. Ex.: I don't want to lose my keys. The button on my shirt is loose.


"Farther" refers to physical distance. "Further" relates to metaphorical or non-physical distance. Ex.: The park is farther than I thought. We need to look further into this issue.

Recommended by King Of Anything

King Of Anything
A strange name indeed. Some nights, I would go far away. However, I decided to take a chance on this one. I don't regret it. Personally, I never read anything that is not original. It surprised me, and as much as I hate Crossovers, this one... won me over. Spending hours and hours reading was not enough for me. ♥ I decided to recommend it to anyone who is unsure whether to read it or not.