Recommended by L371C14

This is the first Homestuck one-shot that I've seen that is worthy of several reviews, favorites and recommendations. One True Pairing tells the tragic love story between trolls Kurloz Makara and Meulin Leijon, in an adaptation for our world. The coolest thing of all is that the narration is done through Nepeta, the shipper and Meulin's younger sister. She adds an extra touch to the story, being just a viewer of the couple. We agree with her and, like her, we want them both to be okay in the end. Anyway, I not only recommend this fanfic to people who are fans of Homestuck, but to anyone who considers themselves a fangirl/fanboy, who loves seeing romance stories and if you just like a good story!

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Recommended by Grani008

I'm recommending this fic because they're manipulating me and because I love this thing. It has all of Homestuck's shippable ships (or almost all of them). Wait, don't you know what Homestuck is? It doesn't matter. I love this fic, because it's mysterious, manipulative (like a certain author) and kind of magical. So that's it, read it, you'll love it, I guarantee it. I NEED MORE. Because this is very good. Kisses mozzarella pizza flavor. ~nolita