Recommended by MARCOS MOREIRA

A story that brings together a range of different animes, where the main character, Will, besides being a normal Brazilian, who finds things very boring in real life, dreams like every manga reader and anyone who watches anime to one day participate in your favorites, with interesting dialogues and a good amount of action and humor, and even a little eroticism, this fic is great for spending a good time reading and traveling through history... sorry for the pun with the name of the fic. It really is a great read.
"LOSE" and "LOOSE"

"Lose" means to fail to win or misplace. "Loose" means not tight or free. Ex.: I don't want to lose my keys. The button on my shirt is loose.


"Altogether" means completely or in total. "All together" means everyone or everything in a group. Ex.: The project was altogether successful. We sang the song all together.

Recommended by KitsuneNoob

Well, the story is very funny, mixing sarcasm and absurdity, attributes that any reader likes in a comedy fanfic. And also the well-known characters willing to answer any question a fan would imagine asking one day. Really very good!