Recommended by Sandor Clegane

Sandor Clegane
It's very funny, it has great characters in a top-notch crossover, I may not even like yaoi, but the fic has its insane moments that leave me laughing, I may not like it and haven't even heard of some of the anime out there, but I really love this Talk Show, an incredible comedy, the best characters, the best interviews, everything together, incredible, simply incredible

"There" refers to a place. "Their" indicates possession. "They're" is a contraction for "they are." Ex.: There is a beautiful garden. Their house is nearby. They're going for a walk.

"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.

Recommended by Misaki Nyu

Misaki Nyu
Hi, here I am again recommending another fic! Well let's go.... n Dear reader, you are sitting in your chair reading this, Thank you very much for reading this recommendation, which I made with great care! n But now back to the subject...... If it's comedy you're looking for, this is the place! (¬¬ advertising) n Your favorite characters answering the most unusual and indiscreet questions of all! n I know the recommendation isn't very good, but it's worth reading! I hope you like it as much as I do! Ate!