Recommended by Carol McGarrett

Carol McGarrett
Why recommend this story? Easy! It's H50, it's all Ohana together! These are stories that are worth taking the time to read for several reasons: 1) There are several funny moments. 2) There's Steve McGarrett being the big Kahuna that we love. 3) Everything happens, but the certainty is that, in the end, everything will work out. 4) There are crossovers with series that we wish had happened in real life! 5) I don't want to give spoilers, but the story in which Steve is the father of a little girl is really worth reading!! 6) If you're missing H50 or haven't gotten over the end of the series, this is your place!! Come, read and miss Steve, Danno, Lou, Tani, Kono, Chin, Junior, Adam, the Black Camaro, the Blue Silverado, Eddie and, especially, here, Kodam will always be a reality!! I think that's all!! And long live the Ohana of H50!!

"Stationary" means not moving or not changing. "Stationery" refers to writing materials, such as paper, pens, and envelopes. Ex.: The car remained stationary at the traffic light. I need to buy some stationery for the office.


"Canvas" is a type of strong, heavy cloth. "Canvass" means to seek support or opinions, usually by going door to door. Ex.: The artist painted on a canvas. The politician will canvass the neighborhood for votes.

Recommended by miss shaka

miss shaka
Of the few fanfics I read, this one was remarkable, of course the setting being a series that I like helped. But the author writes with good humor and captivates those who read it, the writing is perfect with no errors in agreement or spelling. The story captures attention and makes the reader yearn for the update. She deserves my recommendation.