Recommended by Ibelleun

Firstly, I want to recommend this fanfic, for the author's originality and creativity, to create something so interesting. Generally, fanfics based on songs are made as One Shots, but I really admire the fact that I'm making it a Short Fic! Secondly, because the fanfic is really perfect and is based on a perfect song too! If you haven't read it yet, you're wasting your time, baby, hoho. -q
"ITS" and "IT'S"

"Its" shows possession. "It's" is a contraction for "it is" or "it has." Ex.: The dog wagged its tail. It's a lovely day outside.


"Farther" refers to physical distance. "Further" relates to metaphorical or non-physical distance. Ex.: The park is farther than I thought. We need to look further into this issue.

Recommended by Nichika

What to say about this fanfic? Words are not enough to define the perfection she managed to achieve! Wow, it's the most beautiful fanfic containing the Twincest that I love so much! The author managed to base it on a song, and completely changed its meaning, but still making the fanfic coherent with the song, I simply loved it! Their forbidden love is extremely beautiful and perfect! I recommend it, read it, seriously, you won't regret it. But be careful: Read in moderation, or you may become addicted!