Recommended by miss cookilk

miss cookilk
well what do you say? ...unfortunately the fic is not one of those that shows another side, the author wanted to show the realistic side that every fan who ships this couple expected that one day this would happen.....besides the story being a bit short "ok well short " she is very cute, I always loved HTF is poor flippy...
"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.

"LED" and "LEAD"

"Led" is the past tense of the verb "to lead." "Lead" can be a verb meaning to guide or a noun referring to a type of metal. Ex.: She led the team to victory. He will lead the project. The pipes are made of lead.

Recommended by Deusa Baste

Deusa Baste
The story is very good, but for those who have a strong stomach to face how the events that follow it all occur, fans of Flippy and Flaky who love the fanfics that these characters appear in will be delighted with this whole story in everything it means. IT'S JUST WORTH READING.