Recommended by FerLee

I'm not very good with words, however, I will try my best to describe this incredible story. Parallel Reality is a cute, passionate story that makes you want to say a few nice words to one of the main characters, because the author makes you immerse yourself in the story in such a way... It's difficult to explain. Of course there is a lot to happen, there is still a lot to tell and suffer together, but I can already tell you that I will miss it when it ends. nI thank the dear author for writing something so wonderful and for inspiring me so much. Every time I read the next chapter, I always feel restless until RP is updated again. And of course, thank you for writing with my favorite couple in EXO.
"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

"Your" indicates possession. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." Ex.: Is this your umbrella? You're a wonderful person.


"Farther" refers to physical distance. "Further" relates to metaphorical or non-physical distance. Ex.: The park is farther than I thought. We need to look further into this issue.

Recommended by Zumbideulle

I'm even shaking a little by thinking if my recommendation will be at the level that this fic deserves /neither, from the first moment I was curious just to know that I used the narration of MV as the beginning of Fanfic, I noticed that it would have a lot of essence EXO that made me fall in love with them so much. I still feel a little lost in history, there are so many mysteries to find that you soon find yourself completely involved in the story and with the feelings of the characters. It is completely engaging and wonderful and should have all the recognition it deserves to writing is also very beautiful. Each character arouses a different feeling, and it's beautiful how they become so human, but at the same time so perfect. The drama is always in the right dose, mixed with suspense and of course the sweet moments, I recommend this story too much ♥