"Advice" is a noun. "Advise" is a verb. Ex.: His advice was invaluable. Can you advise me on this issue?


"Altogether" means completely or in total. "All together" means everyone or everything in a group. Ex.: The project was altogether successful. We sang the song all together.

Recommended by Vikare

For starters, the story is completely graceful and engaging, as well as fitting perfectly in the context of the anime. The characters' personalities match perfectly and that's what most enchanted me on this one shot, besides reading being very light and comical in certain situations. Atsushi's feelings about Dazai are so well placed that ... wow! The same I say about the reactions so "Atsushi" throughout One. And, I couldn't forget, of course, the feelings of Dazai to our "kitten", which they leave nothing to be desired! In short, the fanfic is wonderful, I don't have enough words to describe how much! And I can say, for sure, that it is worth reading and that everyone will love as I loved it!