Recommended by Niick Yamanaka

Niick Yamanaka
My God! I got so caught up in the story that I read eleven chapters in a row. And okay, even without finishing reading I felt the need to recommend this fanfic. It is certainly very well written and has an extremely creative theme, each chapter is always exciting and engages you in a way that you literally cannot stop reading. Congratulations to the author for the wonderful fanfic.

"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.


"Canvas" is a type of strong, heavy cloth. "Canvass" means to seek support or opinions, usually by going door to door. Ex.: The artist painted on a canvas. The politician will canvass the neighborhood for votes.

Recommended by HellemGazerock

A very well-crafted story, perfect writing and a kick-ass lemon! A totally original and not so cliché one. It would be cool if there was a sequel, but right?! Definitely one of the best I've ever read, and that's why I recommend it~ ♥