Recommended by hyungie

Wow, I haven't seen a story about Kpop, as cool as this one. The way Isa describes events, how history unfolds, the way everything changes, only makes this story even more interesting. Look, I read, and reread this story. I think it is very well written, and that Isa deserves congratulations, so. Congratulations, Isa. This story is perfect. ♥ '
"PEEK," "PIQUE," and "PEAK"

"Peek" means a quick look. "Pique" means to provoke or arouse. "Peak" refers to the highest point. Ex.: Let's take a peek at the menu. Her curiosity was piqued. We reached the mountain peak at noon.


"Weather" refers to the atmospheric conditions. "Whether" is used to introduce alternatives or choices. Ex.: The weather is perfect for a picnic. I'm not sure whether to wear a jacket or not.

Recommended by Lary_BSM

READ!!!! The fic is super cute, it shows all the real feelings that people with hearts experience every day. They have their touch of comedy, their touch of romance and much more. Other than it's SUJU'S, it's all good. Here's a tip.