Recommended by Jack O Frost

Jack O Frost
Memories is not a fic that tells a story. It's a fic that tells memories taken from the anime/manga 07 ghost. As everyone who has seen and read the manga knows that the story is great. I never really liked fics related to the anime/manga 07 ghost, however, I gave this one a chance and decided to read it. I didn't regret it. The fic is one of the best written I've ever read, very well crafted and the writers are totally to be congratulated on the great work.

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Recommended by Moon H

Moon H
I am really disappointed! How can such a good collection of One-Shots not have any recommendations yet?!? Well, at least, looking on the "good side", I feel sincerely honored to be the first to recommend this "Icha Icha Paradise" Online! I practically have to recommend this fic! I congratulate all the authors for each of their wonderful One-Shots, from lemons and oranges to furrys and shoujos! It really is magnificent! I admit that I don't know some of the anime and manga that are the focus of some One's, but just the fact that they are so well linked and with such divinely refined writing, I want to watch them. I hope this little recommendation makes a difference and brings inspiration! The One-Shots are stupendous and incredible, keep going at this pace, I'm completely sure that new recommendations are coming