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My Youth Is Yours [ZoSan] [Highschool AU] Finalizada (20/20) +18

Incubus Love [ZoSan/KidLaw] [Incubus/Padre AU] Finalizada* (31/33) +18

Don't Call Me Daddy [ZoSan] [Age Gap AU] Em andamento (56/?) +18

Your Blood Is My Wine [ZoSan] [Vampire/Hunter AU] (42/42) Finalizada +18

Jailbreak [ZoSan] [Age Gap/Prison AU] Finalizada (10/10) +18

Across the Seven Seas [ZoSan] [French Sanji Japanese Zoro AU] Em andamento (3/?) +18



Overflowing [Legosi/Louis] [Outros/Louis] +18

Trust [Legosi/Louis] [Ibuki/Louis] +18

Watching [Ibuki/Louis] +18

Body Wash [Legosi/Louis] Livre

Sharing a meal [Shishigumi/Louis] [Ibuki/Louis] +18

Sweet as honey [Riz/Pina] inglês +14

BNHA [EndHawks]

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The great Kuroo-sensei and his cute little pupil [KuroTsuki] +18

Jujutsu Kaisen

I want it all (want it now) [SukuFushi] inglês +18

I know exactly what you need [SukuFushi] inglês +18

Nighty-night [SukuFushi] inglês +14

Meant to satisfy you [SukuFushi] inglês +18

Please don't say you love me ('cause you're dumb as fuck) [SukuFushi] inglês +14

Gently gently, round and round [SukuFushi] inglês +14

The hungrier you get, the tastier [SukuFushi] inglês +18

the things Ryoumen Sukuna said he would never ever do [SukuFushi] inglês +16

The Legend of Zelda BOTW

I've slowly come undone

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Not Worthy [Sabnock/Asmodeus] inglês +18

Mirage of Blaze

You broke my heart [Naoe/Takaya-Kagetora] Livre


One Last Time [Xue Yang/Xiao Xingchen] +18

Perfect [Xue Yang/Xiao Xingchen] +13


Jitensha [NaruHina] Livre

Love you more [NaruHina/SasuNaru] inglês Livre


Together's where we belong

One Piece


Pillow [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Hickey [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Silence [ZoSan] Livre

Bittersweet [ZoSan] Livre

Salty [ZoSan] Livre

Pardon [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Breathe [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Paths [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Mar e Fogo [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Crumbs [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Dar-te-ei [ZoSan] Livre

Moron Language [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Metallic [ZoSan] Livre


Childish [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Hold Me Tight [ZoSan] Livre

Shall We Dance [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

I don't care [ZoSan] Livre

Bad Habits [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Lullaby [ZoSan] Livre

Hands [ZoSan] +13


Melody [ZoSan] Livre

Pheromone [ZoSan] [AU] +16

Sleepless [ZoSan] Livre

Shower [ZoSan] +16

Dating is for dummies [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Drunk Hunesty [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Compliment [ZoSan] Livre

Shared Birthdays [ZoSan] [SanLu]

Yellow & Blue [ZoSan] Livre

Vigil [ZoSan] Livre

Familiar [ZoSan] [AU] +16

Jealousy [ZoSan] +16

Exposed [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Out of sync [ZoSan] +16

Love at first sound [ZoSan] +18

Tiny [ZoSan] +18

Naked [ZoSan] +18

ZoSan Week:

Shape of my heart [ZoSan] [AU] +16

Not gonna happen [ZoSan] +16

Only Grapes [ZoSan] +18

Piercing [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Preparativos [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Smol [ZoSan] +18

Miss Princess [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Protection [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Tasteless [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Can you dance like a hippogriff? [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Ripples [ZoSan] [AU] Livre

Scar Tissue [ZoSan] +13

Gentle Cook [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Shame [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Arabian Nights [ZoSan] Livre

Flower Named You [ZoSan] +13

Getaway Car [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Strength [ZoSan] +13

Revenge [ZoSan] +18

Reckless [ZoSan] +13

Temas mensais:

We don't have to do anything [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Fear [ZoSan] Livre

Ah Yes. Me. My husband. And his giant ghost plushie [ZoSan] [AU] +13

Rules, expectations, birthday cake [ZoSan] [AU] +18

Camboy Next Door [ZoSan] [AU] +18


Tonight is just like any other night [ZoSan] +18

I guess that I'm the hypocrite [ZoSan] Livre

Bottom Zoro [ZoSan] +18

Mafia [ZoSan] +16


it's an emergency, help me, nurse ♡ [ZoSan] +18

One swirl to rule them all [AllSan] +18

Distraction [ZoSan] inglês Livre

Tit Therapy [ZoSan] +18


Shizun has a big clit [Bingqiu] +18

teach me tonight [Bingqiu + Original Binghe] +18

SNK [EruRi]

Todas as 13 histórias aqui

SK8 the Infinity

Too hungry (entirely your fault) [MatchaBlossom]

Always on a leash (right where I want to be) [TadaAi]

Keep your dirty feelings deep inside [TadaAi]

Of boring work, bare feet and blooming roses [TadaAi]

Show him how much you love me [LoveBlossom] +18

Sleeping peacefully (inside your gorilla bulk) [MatchaBlossom]

Please accept this burnt nightmare as a token of my affection [MatchaBlossom]

Sniffing [TadaAi] +14

Silent as a grave [TadaAi] inglês +18

[TadaAi] Livre

Kafkaesque [Ainosuke & Aiichiro - TadaAi] inglês Livre

I will never call you mine [TadaAi] inglês +18

Counter-productive [TadaAi] inglês +16

In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper [TadaAi] inglês +18

That one where Reki gives Ainosuke a ¥1000 tie [Reki & Ainosuke - TadaAi] inglês Livre

Guide me in your truth and teach me [TadaAi] inglês +18

First...what? [TadaAi] inglês +14

Pick up the phone, puppy [TadaAi] inglês +18

Even good dogs disobey [TadaAi] inglês +18

may you ever be intoxicated with his love. [TadaAi] inglês +18

Matchmaker [TadaAi] inglês +14

Stay. [TadaAi] inglês +16

Diet member Shindo Ainosuke sleeps sucking his thumb [TadaAi] inglês Livre

for she satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things [TadaAi] inglês +18

hush now baby baby don't you cry [TadaAi] inglês Livre

Is Adam a vampire? In this essay I will- [Reki & Everyone - TadaAi] inglês +14

I only dream in black and white [TadaAi] inglês +18

let me get my hands on your mammary glands [TadaAi] inglês +18

the good lord would want it that way [TadaAi] inglês +18

Everything stays [TadaAi] inglês +18

the National Diet's public bathroom [TadaAi] inglês +18

a glimpse of paradise [Eden/PuppySnow/TadaAi] inglês +18

in your warmth I forget how cold it can be [OliverxLanga] inglês +18

the impurity of her monthly period [TadaAi] inglês +18

We may whisper once more

AI no Matador

what I truly want is innocence lost

Just a scratch


tadaai week '22 ♡

natural disaster


Give Yor the happiness she deserves


You did well, Keep going [Hualian] +18

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