Recommended by Nessie DM Cullen

Nessie DM Cullen
Well, I don't have much to say, but this fanfic is very funny, it also has its cute and romantic moments, read it guys, you won't regret it, of the few Yaoi that I've read, this is one of the best, it involves you more and more with each chapter, me won in the first chapter, the author writes very well Uke Vs Seme is a passionate and well-crafted story, it is one of the types of fanfic that leaves you anxious waiting for another chapter to be posted, leaving you to the point of threatening the author with death. Read

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Recommended by May

The story is very good. It starts with laughter and ends with you having a nosebleed. Who would have thought that someone could make Onodera be, at the same time, such a funny and grumpy genius (I think this is a characteristic he hides in the anime- a very hidden mysterious side) AND be sooooo perverted( I almost died of exhaustion when Takano threw Onodera on the bed). Congratulations to the author!