Recommended by Eterno Ronin

Eterno Ronin
I've had my nyah account for a good few years and I've been following fanfics in the Pokémon category, but I've never read something as unique as Silver Ashes. This is one of the best stories in the universe of pocket monsters that you can find on this or any other site. This story stands out for the depth of the characters, not just the trainers, the Pokémon all have their own personalities and peculiarities (In fact, they talk, but this does not distort their essence in any way). Another important point is the incredible protagonist. Ashley (did you notice any similarities in the name?) needs much more than defeating her rivals and winning battles. The biggest fight she fights is against her own insecurities and this is not just any drama, the reader understands her feelings, as they are doubts and concerns that any of us could also have in the same situation. I can guarantee that Pokémon fans who give this fanfic a chance won't regret it! The author of the fic is also incredible, as far as her story goes, she is the type who writes because she loves it.

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The sauce complements the dish perfectly. She complimented him on his presentation.


"Eminent" means distinguished or prominent. "Imminent" means about to happen or impending. Ex.: She is an eminent scientist. The storm is imminent, so we should stay indoors.

Recommended by Neko Shine

Neko Shine
I had promised the author that I would recommend this story and here it is!!! This was the first fic I read here on nyah and I don't regret it, it has everything I like, suspense, comedy and a hint of romance. In addition to liking the way the author writes, I also love this type of fic!!!! I simply loved everything, keep it up!!!!