Recommended by sinistra

this story is great, 10 rating generally the soap opera ends with a wedding at the end but this one tells what she hears after their wedding the epa's attempt separates nando from gina the turns with politics again the Disaffection I recommend this little story because besides everything it's fun, congratulations, 10

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Recommended by A pária

A pária
Oh my god, I can't believe I'll be the first to recommend this perfect story! I know it's still at the beginning, but it's too perfect, the way the author manages to bring the characters into the real world is incredible, and the characters are so faithful to the novel that several times throughout the reading, I have to remember that they are in the real world, not in Lepe's imagination. I never tire of rereading the chapters. A fic for all shippers, whether Zeliana or, mainly, the Ginandos. My thanks to the author for a story as beautiful as this.