Recommended by Mamains

Mei: HELLO we're here again k :3 it's been a while since we started reading the fanfic and even though we don't know much about corpse party we love the fanfic Misaki: yes it's very well done and written, always leaving a pleasant aftertaste to want more :D bringing together great genres and making us hate each villain we loved, like Sachiko, she made us see a side we didn't see Mei: Brooke you always make each chapter better than the other and leave it VERY EXCITING, funny, romantic and terrifying Misaki: we always wish the best for you and your fanfic, may it grow A LOT and have MANY comments, favorites and recommendations Mei: and your effort was so worth it Misaki: even though it only has a few chapters, this fanfic already deserves a recommendation so let's go now but we hope it is super known and famous Mei and Misaki: CONGRATULATIONS ON THE FANFIC AND THE SUPER DIWOS CHAPTERS
"ITS" and "IT'S"

"Its" shows possession. "It's" is a contraction for "it is" or "it has." Ex.: The dog wagged its tail. It's a lovely day outside.


"Accept" means to receive or agree to something. "Except" means to exclude or leave out. Ex.: Please accept our apologies. Everyone is invited, except for Tom.

Recommended by Luma Odair Hamilton

Luma Odair Hamilton
So if you think this fic is that story where everyone is "Peace&Love", I'm sorry but you should find another story to read. Friendliness Of Tormented Souls is that very horror story, you know?! The author is very badass and very bad... she likes to kill our favorite characters... but that's ok I'll get revenge, don't worry muhamuhahaha... The story is a mix of THE SUMMONING OF EVIL with the CALL, he knows?! So there is only one word that can define her: She is AWESOME!!! So read this fic...comment...favorite...recommend... just be careful not to find Marvel Quaid trying to kill you...hahaha!