Recommended by Lia

Well, it's only now after a few months that I came across this story by coincidence on Google. I read it in less than twenty minutes, and I'm sure I'll remember it for much longer. In addition to having simple and objective writing and development, the story is practically everything that was missing in the book by the fantastic Neil Gaiman, which he left to our imagination to create, in addition to the author knowing how to convey suspense and terror in the book " Coraline" perfectly well in these three small chapters. So, it's worth reading, after all, why not?

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The sauce complements the dish perfectly. She complimented him on his presentation.

"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.

Recommended by Vexy

It's a great fic, it has a lot of adventure, action, romance and comedy. Suspense is not left out. It's a new way of bringing together The Big Four and Friends, read and have fun. Here Rapunzel is not so defenseless, Hiccup is not so stupid, Merida is brave but not for everything, Jack is playful But it has its serious moments. Unlikely friends, more than approved couples. Read the League of 12