Recommended by StellaKozlov

Each chapter is about a couple, often cross-over occurs and the stories are awesome! Very well formulated, prose makes you imagine the scene perfectly! Peggy Carter's chapter with Howard Stark is more than perfect! Super recommend!

"Weather" refers to the atmospheric conditions. "Whether" is used to introduce alternatives or choices. Ex.: The weather is perfect for a picnic. I'm not sure whether to wear a jacket or not.


"Imply" means to suggest indirectly. "Infer" means to deduce or conclude from evidence. Ex.: Her silence seemed to imply disapproval. From her reaction, we can infer that she is unhappy.

Recommended by vivih lovato

vivih lovato
How can I not recommend this story? This story is perfect. It made me laugh and cry. The writer is great, this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. I spent the afternoon rereading, because I want more, and more. Every word, every feeling, everything makes me smile, cry, love. I'm in love with this fanfic. Read it, because you will never regret reading a perfect fanfic. I really admire your stories. Kisses