Recommended by ShadowGabi

I absolutely loved this fic and you will too when you start reading. If I could, I would recommend this story at least a thousand times. She makes you want to read more and more with each chapter, she pulls you towards her. For anyone who loves Tate Langdon, this is the best fic for you. Don't waste time reading this recommendation, go read this wonderful fanfic soon!

"Quiet" means silent or calm. "Quite" is used for emphasis or degree. Ex.: The library is very quiet. The movie was quite entertaining.


"Altogether" means completely or in total. "All together" means everyone or everything in a group. Ex.: The project was altogether successful. We sang the song all together.

Recommended by Queen

At the moment I can only ask how such a perfect fanfic didn't already have a recommendation? It's simply inexplicable. This fic is simply wonderful. Because after all, who never imagined what Tate's 'life' was like without Violet (between us, I never looked like her '-'). The story is good and so is the author. I recommend this story for anyone who loves fanfics that are a little romantic and a little dramatic. And the level of creativity this girl has is incredible, I’m impressed hahaha! Xoxo, read it! *Esther*