Nurarihyon no Mage: After Story

Nura Rikuo, 13 years old, at first glance looks like a normal boy who goes to school every day, but the truth is far beyond that. Rikuo has 1/4 youkai blood and 3/4 human blood and can transform into youkai at night. Furthermore, Rikuo is the grandson of the great Nurarihyon, the creator of the Nura Clan, one of the largest youkai clans in Japan. As Rikuo's father Rihan had been murdered a few years ago and Nurarihyon was getting old, Rikuo was given the burden of becoming the new commander of the Nura Clan. Thanks to that, after several confusions, he assumed the rank of Third Commander and after great battles in which he almost lost his life, Rikuo also defeated Abe no Seimei and became the Supreme Lord of Hauntings without even having turned 14.

And of course, in the midst of so much confusion, his school friends ended up finding out that he was the leader of the Nura Clan. It was a big revelation as these friends had mixed feelings for their youkai version and for other youkai in general, one of his friends is even an Onmyouji, that is, she exterminates youkai.

(*I will do my best to make it a fic in which you don't need to have a lot of knowledge of Nurarihyon no Mago to be able to read it, so people who don't know can start reading. The fic continues after the events of the MANGA*)

(*the Inuyasha crossover is only a small part of the fic *)


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Rating 16+
Book Completed
Published in Mar 22, 2015, 3:37 PM
Last updated Mar 30, 2023, 9:52 PM
47,678 words

Yuuki Alecardia
Essa história é tudo o que eu esperava (e muito mais!) da continuação de Nuramago!
Sou fã desse mangá há mais de 10 anos mas, por alguma razão, só agora procurei continuações em fanfics. Encontrei essa maravilha!
Para quem ama Nuramago, com certeza vai se apaixonar pela história. Temos muitas emoções e o melhor casal que poderia existir (não darei spoilers)!
Para quem não conhece Nuramago, leiam e depois passem aqui nessa fic para ler a continuação maravilhosa!