Herphaestus & Aphrodite

Astra Belmount was nicknamed Aphrodite because of all her beauty, charisma and intelligence she possesses.
Dylan Deloura was nicknamed Herfesto for being a grumpy, talented and anxious creature and, most importantly, for hating Astra Belmount.
Astra doesn't understand why Dylan hates him, so the two never really fought. But he ends up returning the hate for one reason only: Dylan Deloura is his type. It's just UNBELIEVABLE to Astra how much she's attracted to him, her idiot co-worker.
However, humanity's worst (possible, perhaps) romance story is about to happen because, finally, these two are forced to work together. Two by one: Either they'll turn the game developer upside down, or they'll end up falling in love.
Rating 16+
Popular Comedy Romance Yaoi
blue devil


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blue devil

Rating 16+
Tags: Popular Comedy Romance Yaoi
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Published in Oct 1, 2019, 2:36 AM
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