Forgive me for not being able to forgive you?

- I guess I'm not as happy as I thought I would be.
- I have a gift for making people unhappy.
- It's not you, it's Me. - Cliché. Of course it's me, I'd used him, and he knew it. - I don't think it will last... But you deceive yourself too easily. - I know.
I thought to myself. I don't deserve someone like Lucas, he tried to love me from the beginning... Or that's what I thought until now. Lucas seemed fine, that was all that mattered. He was my best friend and one day he was once in love with me. He came to his senses and it was the best thing for him. I didn't love him, and I think deep down he knew that. I still loved each other. The other one who had told me the same thing a few months ago. Shovel ! I know I fool myself too easily... But it was so much more painful coming from his mouth. It's something I'll never get over, even if I wanted to. Because I do not want. Pain is the only thing that reminds me that it was once real. But it's no use, it's no use. Inevitably the memories of that day that insist on haunting me came to my mind:
- It does not give.
- Doesn't give what? - Shit, I hate MSN chats, we can't see people's expressions when talking to us. And they take time to type.
- For us to be together. - I tried to understand. I started crying. Everything seemed to spin. I had to ask.
- You do not love me anymore ? - Sorry, I think I know the answer.
- I don't think I ever did. I was just confused. Pardon me ? - I closed MSN, I couldn't think of anything else. I got up from the chair. I lay down on the floor. I begged for the pain to go away. His smile came to my memory. His sick smile... He must be laughing at me right now.
A warning: It's not one of those stories anymore where the unhappy girl falls in love with her prince charming and they live happily ever after. If you like these kinds of stories, you won't like this one. Stay in your enchanted world and don't read.
Based on real facts.
Fictitious names.
If you're reading this you know it's for you.


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Rating 16+
Book Completed
Published in Sep 19, 2011, 12:58 AM
Last updated Dec 14, 2011, 3:04 AM
3,118 words

A história é como uma mescla de humor e depressão. Conta a história de uma menina que se apaixonara pelo cara errado e leva um fora. Parece clichê não?
\nMas não é. Eu me fascinei pelo simples fato de ela nunca desistir por simplesmente acreditar que ele era o seu verdadeiro amor. É uma história intrigante com muitos altos e baixos que faz a gente refletir sobre batalhar pra alcançar nossos sonhos e desejos, e se talvez tenhamos que mudar nossas prioridades pra sermos mais felizes.

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