Eternity — A Tale from Middle-earth

This is the legend of two warriors of the Light whose names have been swallowed by time. His detractors, heralds of doom, would tell his story with an air of tragedy and barbarism; in these lines, however, I show you the truth that has been hidden under the mists of gossip, in the hope that your strength will allow your nicknames to echo through Eternity.

"Eternity — A Tale of Middle-earth" follows the story of Alatar and Pallando, the Blue Wizards who, alongside Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast, came to Middle-earth to guide their people in the struggle. against the Dark Lord. His mission is to attack Mordor from the rear, convincing those who adhered to the false promises of the heralds of doom to fight for the Light.
O Elessar


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O Elessar

Rating 13+
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Published in Sep 1, 2022, 7:38 PM
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