Easter Special: Discover Your...

IMPORTANT NOTICES (So Plato's chocoholics listen to me)
-First of all happy Easter.
-Guys my fanfic was deleted, unfortunately. Don't want to try it, it's a very strong thud. It took a while to plan a cool fanfic for you and just like that it disappeared! And how am I going to give you a ton of chocolate and disappear into thin air…so bad anyway. But darlings I didn't choose my name MaryNight for nothing.
-I'm (still) thinking of putting a maximum of five fanfics of each couple, all you have to do is put your link, write a brief synopsis and agree to agree. Like this:
> The fanfic link > Small synopsis > Yes, marynight I do.
Aew I put your link in the chocolate and it goes straight to your page.
All chapters are in prose and fictional story form!


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